Eye of Melian is:

Robin La Joy: Lyrics

Martijn Westerholt: Songwriter

Mikko P. Mustonen: Orchestral arrangements

Johanna Kurkela: Vocalist

Their debut album, titled Legends of Light, drops on June 21, 2022.

The Bell (Released Deb 8, 2021, )

Vita Nova (Released January 20, 2022, )

Doorway of Night (Released March 4, 2022, )

Everstrong (Released April 13, 2022, )



You Tube: Eye of Melian

Instagram: @eyeofmelian

Facebook: Eye of Melian

Pinterest: @eyeofmelian

You can find their music on Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

Source for Quenya language learning mentioned by Jude: 

Atanquesta: A NeoQuenya Primer

Clever Corvids reproductive rights fundraiser: 

“Marathon For Choice”

June 4-5, 2022

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